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'Screeched' is the longest mono-syllabic word in English

(empty headed)
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The Walking Dead

Authors note: I do not own The Walking Dead. This is for my friend who pointed it out this pairing to me ^^


"Just stick to soda pop, there bud."

"Not you Glenn."


"Keep drinking little man, I wanna see how red faced you can get," Daryl stated to the drunk Glenn. There were cat calls and ooooh's at this, but younger man laughed and took another sip of wine. Leaning back Daryl obsurved Glenn as the others become more tippsy all around him. 'Some people just can't hold their liqour' he thought and took a swig from his lone bottle of burban.

"Seems to me we haven't thank our host properly." Rick said and stood up.

"He is more then just our host," T-Dog slurred out, with his glass in the air. The group all raised thier glasses, a corus of "here" came out.

Daryl stood up, brandishing his bottle and whooped "boo-yea" causing everyone else to repeat him. There was some more laughter and Daryl sat back down.

"so when are you gonna tell us what the hell happened here Doc." Shane said grumply from his seat next to T-Dog. The laughter died, being replaced by silence. "Well the, uh, other doctors were supost to be figuring out what happened. Where are they." He said staring intently at his wine glass.

"We're celibrating Shane, no need to do this now." Rick said from across the table.

"Woah wait a second." Shane leaned forward and raised his hand defenceively, "that why we're all here right? This was your move, find all the answers. insead ya found him." He jerked his thumb at Dr. Jenner "Found one man, why?"

"Well when things got bad, most peopl just... left. Went off to be with their familys." Dr. Jenner looked at the group, they all watched him intently. "

Table Dancing

Author's note: This is my first Kurt fanfic, well official one that is. It was brought on me and my friend talking what Glee will be like with Kurt at a different school. I said "I bet it's just one big orgy over there" and no i'm not saying because it's an all boys school that everyone is gay and always having sex. Anyways later that night I was sitting at home listening to the radio and the song "Table Dancer" was on. Well this is the combination.


PS I do not own the song, Glee, kurt hummel or any one else in this story. If i did things would be a lot different.

Table Dancing

Kurt wiped the table, it was just about opening time at the "Pink Kitty" and he had to get everything ready before the costumers started arriving. the radio was playing softly in the background and Kurt couldn't help but sing along.

"Cause I'll be Table Dancing
This is your chance (ya)
To be with me, and you will see"

Kurt swayed his hips as he walked around to the next table.

"Up on the table dancing
That's where romance is
If your with me, and you will see"

He started to move to the music, really getting into it now, his voice carrying out into the other rooms where the manage sat in his office.

Whoa oah oah oah oah - oh
Whoa oah oh Woah oah - oh
Whoa oah oah oah oah - oh
Whoa oah oh Woah oah - oh"

The manager came out to see who was the great singer. He leaned in the doorway and watched Kurt strutting his stuff, as he wiped table after table. Kurt smiled as he sang, swinging his hips and doing a twirl.

"Thank you DJ, for playing my song
Put that sh*t on replay, all night long"

kurt pointed to the empty bar and as he sang the next lines, like he had a real addunce.

"Hey Bartender, better move those bottles
Better clear those tables, cause they 'bout to be filled with models

(DJ, DJ)
Put that sh*t on
(Replay, Replay)
Spin it all night long"

Kurt threw his head back and dropped his cloth in a bucket, and picking said bucket up and trying to see the manager in the doorway, the song dieing on his lips.

"Cause I'll be Table Dancing

This is your chance....."


Journal Entry 1
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 Dear Journal: May 15th 2035

Zombie Journal: Found

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Pyri sat down, open the Journal and began to read

The Plan

Ok I think i'm going to try and write a short random story everyday. I did promise my friend that i would make her a book full of stories for her birthday, so I guess this is my attempt. I would like to say in advance that i'm not the greatest writer, and my thoughts are very random so i'm sorry is things jump around a lot. I tend to be very fast and don't write about a lot of detail, and tend to focus on dialog more. Oh and I just might be the worst speller in the world, don't say I didn't tell you so. Ok right now i'm procrastinating from doing my homework and studying for my test tomorrow, I'm going to get to those right now, well maybe after Bones^^

~LadyWriath *kiss kiss*


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